Encouraging Programming In Kids

At the core EPIK embodies resilience mentoring to help empower young people who are into technology, expanding both their social and technical skills.

Through collaborative open source sharing they can learn to create projects, host Minecraft Java Maker Parties and volunteer at digital industry conferences such as Mozilla’s MozFest London, GEEK Games Expo Margate and even attend Oracle’s javaOne in the USA. Our current projects range from co-hosting Netbeans Podcasts to creating EPIK themed youtube channels: “From Minecraft to a Job in the IT Industry”.

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EPIK Minecraft Mod Kit for Netbeans

What’s in EPIK’s Mod Kit? The EPIK Minecraft Mod Kit contains MCP, with pre-configured Netbeans project files. The MCP version included is MCP 8.11, which makes use of Minecraft game version 1.6.4 What Is MCP? MCP (Minecraft Coder Pack) is the main tool for making mods (modding) Minecraft. Founded by @SeargeDP, who now works for […]

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